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French male voice-over actor
TV/Radio ads, Companies, Documentaries, e-Learnings, Audiotels, Jingles, Institutional, Narrators...

Are you looking for a professional French voiceover you can rely on, at a fair price?
Then you've come to the right place!

For more than 15 years, my voice has been shortlisted by French and foreign producers and audio agencies
for all kinds of projects, including TV and radio commercials,
corporate projects (e-learning, telephone answering machines, radio jingles, narrations, motion design films).

My passion for vocal art and my commitment to audio quality make each project a unique experience.
With a versatile and professional voice, I strive to bring your ideas to life and captivate your audience.

Whether you need a warm narration, a persuasive tone for an advertisement, or a clear, professional voice for your corporate projects, I'm here to provide you with a high-quality voice-over service.

Contact me today to discuss how my voice can enrich your project and give it an unforgettable sonic dimension.

"NEW" : Available all year round

In a few numbers (mediametrie) :
My voice has been heard by more than :

Coordination between video and voice

To meet the needs of a commercial, voice-over or news report/documentary, I usually produce the sessions live from my professional studio, in collaboration with the client and the sound engineer.

My studio is equipped with all the technical resources required for this type of service, including the necessary castings. You have the option of directing the session via Source Connect, Zoom, Skype or any other software of your choice. What's more, if you're based in the Basque Country, I'm available for face-to-face sessions. I can also travel to neighbouring areas such as Bordeaux, Toulouse, Landes, San Sebastian, Irun, or even Paris.

I'm chosen for a variety of reasons, and each male/female voice-over is unique, with characteristics such as gravity, mid-tones, mezzo, soprano, treble, tenor, baritone and so on.

I consider my vocal range to be medium-low, with the ability to vary between young and older voices depending on the needs of the project. I can also have a dynamic or laid-back/bass voice, depending on the client's specific requirements.

What is a voice-over ?
Generally speaking, a voice-over is a natural, non-visible voice that conveys emotion or information through its interpretation and accompanies a visual experience, as in documentaries or commercials. The voice is a true chameleon in any subject or context; it adjusts its tone and emotion, adapting to all audiovisual media. But that's not all: it also helps to improve comprehension, whether in e-learning, on an answering machine or on the radio, for example.

Why should I hire a voice-over artist ?
Many good reasons!
- I want my cause to have a strong impact on my listeners.
- I want people to recognize my company by closing their eyes.
- I want to reach my audience immediately.
- I want to sell a product in video or audio.
- I want to tell a story.
- I want to inform about an event.
- I want to give my listeners a voice signature.
- I want a credible, natural voice, far from any robotic sound.
- I want authenticity?
And many other reasons besides!

Give your project clarity, professionalism and authenticity with a real voice-over! The actor's many years of experience will enhance your text and make your project immediately credible.

A natural voice lets the narrator's personality shine through with its varied speaking speed and accent, and helps to humanize the voiceover by integrating breathing and pauses!

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